Los Angeles Clippers cambian a Austin Rivers a los Washington Wizards por Marcin Gortat

Austin Rivers y Marcin Gortat
Austin Rivers fue cambiado por Marcin Gortat de Clippers a Wizards Getty Images

Fuentes le comentaron al reportero de ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski que Los Angeles Clippers cambiaron a Austin Rivers a los Washington Wizards por el centro polaco Marcin Gortat.

El cambio viene después de que Rivers pasara tres temporadas con el equipo angelino bajo el mando de su padre, Doc Rivers, quien lo adquirió vía canje en 2015 proveniente de los Boston Celtics, cuando Doc aún controlaba las operaciones del equipo.

Por su parte, los Wizards habían buscado mover a Gortat por varios meses, aunque no habían encontrado interesados. El cambio viene después de que los Clippers seleccionaron en el Draft a los guardias Shai Gilgeous-Alexander y Jeromes Robinson, quienes junto con los veteranos Milos Teodosic y Patrick Beverly completarán la zona baja del equipo.

En su cuenta de Instagram personal, Austin Rivers escribió un descargo donde le agradece a los fanáticos de los Clippers, a la ciudad de Los Angeles y a su padre, Doc Rivers.

Wow, I really don't know where to start or how to put all of my emotions and feelings into words . But I'll just start out by saying Thank You, first and foremost to the city of LA and to the fans of the LA Clippers. You have done nothing but show me love and positivity. The acceptance you gave me along with taking a chance on me 4 years ago, means the world to me! At that time I hadn't shown much in the league....and was still trying to learn . And for you all to accept me and give me a chance to grow and play means more than you will ever know. People really don't understand what positivity can do for someone's confidence. And to the clippers fan base.... I really appreciate you all helping me find my confidence in the league and cheering me along the way. I know the scenario of me playing for my pops wasn't easy for people to understand and accept ....some never will, but to the ones who did... I can't thank you enough. Me and pops did something that has never been done in our sport!! Which was hard for a lot of people to understand but I am grateful for the time I experienced playing for him and the clippers. I want to thank all of my team mates aka my brothers. I Really appreciate y'all helping me grow as a player and a person! I also want to thank all of the coaches and all of the staff of the clippers organization! A lot of you don't get the credit you deserve! From the great training staff, to all the people that make our job and life that much easier, I really am thankful!! Always will love LA and consider it a home! Thanks -AR25 M.o.a.M

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Ambos jugadores llegarán a sus nuevos equipos en su ultimo año de contrato; Gortat le dará a los Clippers un centro titular, si es que DeAndre Jordan opta por dejar los 24.1 millones de dólares de su ultimo contrato este viernes.

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